There is no solution in the capitalist system, but only a proletarian revolutionary solution

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85 years of the fight against fascism and war cannot be banned!

Déclaration du Conseil Central de la Jeunesse Libre Allemande

From the action unit revolution instead of war and fascism for 75 years of liberation of Hitler fascism

AUFRUF AN DIE VÖLKER DER WELT: Zum 75. Jahrestag der Befreiung vom Hitlerfaschismus

К НАРОДАМ МИРА: ПРИЗЫВ к 75-ой годовщине освобождения от гитлеровского фашизма

DO NARODÓW ŚWIATA: APEL z okazji 75 rocznicy wyzwolenia spod faszyzmu hitlerowskiego

NÁRODŮM SVĚTA: VÝZVA u příležitosti 75. výročí osvobození od hitlerovského fašismu

AUX PEUPLES DU MONDE: UN APPEL au 75e anniversaire de la libération du fascisme hitlérien

TO THE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD: A CALL on the 75th anniversary of the liberation from Hitler fascism

Declaration at the turn of the year 2018/2019

» Declaration of the participants of the winter school of the FDJ in Berlin

Over the past few days, we have discussed and learned about the history of the struggles of our class. We have been agitating in the city, in the trams and on the streets for the unification of revolutionary youth and the need to rebuild the Communist Party. The beacon, also for November Revolution 100 years ago in Germany, gave the Great Socialist October Revolution in Russia under the leadership of the Bolsheviki. This is precisely what the Russian working class was ahead to the German: the existence of a revolutionary leadership. From this arises for us the indispensable necessity of a communist party that leads and directs the struggles of the working class. Without its existence, no revolution can be victorious. In Germany, the KPD was founded only in the revolution, but only with it does the working class learn to lead itself, instead of following the betrayal of social democratism. It was the youth at that time who stood in the front row. "First clarity, then majority" was the urgent advice of Karl Liebknecht to them and must be our slogan today. In the class struggles of the Weimar Republic it was proven the need for Bolshevization of the Communist Party, the party Ernst Thaelmann's. The Hamburg Uprising made the bourgeoisie feel their death knell. Fled from German fascism, the antifascist youth drew the correct conclusion from Thaelmann's united front policy and, as it were, called the KJVD to unite in the FDJ. This call was followed, among others, by social democratic youth, young trade unionists, Christian, Jewish and organised youth. In the fight against war and fascism and for a socialist future, his statement "There is no solution in the capitalist system, but only a proletarian revolutionary solution" must then and now be the constant maxim for the struggles in the educational institutions, in the enterprise, in the districts and in the unions.


Documents towards the 18th World Festival of Youth and Students in Quito, Ecuador (2013)


» The History of the Free German Youth (see also in spanish: Historia de la Juventud Libre Alemana)

» Against the German War (see also in spanish: Contra la guerra alemana)

» International Anti-War-Campaign "Class Struggle instead of World War"


Nobel Peace Prize not for germany!

Declaration of SJD - Die Falken N/O and FDJ in english and german

The European Union was receiving this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. However, the EU is only a temporary alliance among imperialist powers: “The United States of Europe under capitalist conditions is either impossible or reactionary.” (Lenin 1915) As temporary their alliance is, as temporary is their peace. The peace is especially threatened by German imperialism. Germany has provoked two World Wars previously; they murdered, plundered, and devastated Europe. For 67 years, the Federal republic of Germany has not concluded a peace treaty yet. Up to this day, the FRG has not paid any reparation and has not acknowledged their war crimes. The victims have not been compensated and the offenders have not been punished.